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Premier Landscaping Services In East Troy, WI

Welcome to Ziggys, East Troy’s top choice for both commercial and residential landscaping services. Committed to excellence, we offer unparalleled, customized landscaping solutions to our esteemed clientele in East Troy, Wisconsin.

Why Choose Ziggys For Your Landscaping Needs In East Troy?

At Ziggys, our deep-rooted knowledge of East Troy allows us to serve its residents with precision. By combining local knowledge with best-in-class practices, we offer landscaping services that match the unique climatic and botanical nuances of East Troy.

Our Landscaping Services in East Troy

From diligent lawn care to managing snow in the frosty Wisconsin winters, we provide an extensive array of services to keep your East Troy property in impeccable condition throughout the year.

Mowing: With our regular mowing services, expect a trim and invigorated lawn all through the growth season.

New Lawn Installation: Dreaming of a new lawn? We employ premium seed and sod to fashion verdant, lively outdoor ambiances.

Snow Removal: Navigate East Troy’s winter with confidence. Our adept snow removal service ensures your property is always ready and welcoming.

Mulch Application: Elevate the aesthetic and health of your landscape with our meticulous mulch applications, the ideal complement to any outdoor space.

Finish Grading: Our finish grading services guarantee proper water runoff and the most harmonious layout for all your landscaping plans.

Clean Up: Our periodic yard clean-up readies your space for the transitions of spring and fall, ensuring a lush and visually stunning environment.

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If you’re based in East Troy, Wisconsin, and in search of expert landscaping services, get in touch with Ziggys immediately for a no-obligation quote. Allow us to transform your outdoor space, letting you savor its beauty with peace of mind.