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Premier Landscaping Services In Sharon, WI

Welcome to Ziggys, Sharon’s preferred provider for both commercial and residential landscaping services. Striving for perfection, we bring bespoke landscaping solutions to our valued customers in Sharon, Wisconsin.

Why Choose Ziggys For Your Landscaping Needs In Sharon?

We offer a broad spectrum of services to maintain your Sharon property looking pristine throughout every season.

Mowing: Relish a well-kept lawn during the growth period with our consistent mowing services.

New Lawn Installation: Envisioning a fresh lawn? We utilize high-grade seed and sod to craft vibrant, engaging outdoor settings.

Snow Removal: Traverse Sharon’s winter terrain with assurance. Our efficient snow removal service guarantees a visitor-friendly property.

Mulch Application: Enhance both the look and health of your landscape with our detailed mulch applications, a perfect addition to any garden.

Finish Grading: Ensure appropriate water flow and an ideal design with our finish grading solutions.

Clean Up: Regular yard maintenance to prepare for the shifts between seasons, securing a lush and appealing ambiance.

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